Gabriele Tononi


As a composer, I have often worked on music, cinema, theatre, and social media. I’ve done work for both big and small artists.
Here you can find a playlist of songs composed by me.



As arranger I have always helped the most emerging realities of the Roman landscape and I am always looking for new talents.
In this page you can find the contact form to propose some songs to arrange and produce.

Sound Engineer

As a sound engineer I worked both with companies and with private companies taking care of mixes and master of various projects.
In my home studio I have hosted many realities and I can not wait to continue to work with emerging realities that more of all give me great satisfaction

Post-Production Engineer

As a post-production technician I started working on a method of communication that I personally consider the method of the future: Podcast.
I love designing, working on podcasts of all kinds. It’s a work in constant evolution


Feel free to contact me for any information. I’ll be glad to answer as soon as I can.