Gabriele Tononi

Audio Services


Do you need to compose, arrange, produce or finalize your song or album?
This is the place. I will help you in every single process you need and I will cure your product to perfection, promising you professional results and in line with the current music market.


If you have an FM station or a web radio this is the right section. I have more than ten years of radio experience as a director and in charge of post-production in various Roman broadcasters.
From directing, to the creation of jingles and theme songs, to content, to programming, every single step is important to convey with the best possible professionalism.


This is the newest and most popular means of communication in recent years, but professional figures find it difficult to deal with it. 
I have a lot of experience in the creation and realization of podcasts and I can help you in any area to finalize your work to 100% of the audio performance.


Audio-free video is old-fashioned now. Professional audio in your video is an important business card.
I will help you to take care of the audio of your work in detail, dealing with the composition of soundtracks, sound design and audio cleanliness.
Everything you need to make the most of your film/digital content.


Feel free to contact me for any information. I’ll be glad to answer as soon as I can.