Gabriele Tononi
Sound Engineer

I am a multi-instrumentalist musician. I studied classical guitar from 5 to 18 years old. However, knowing how to play only one instrument was a little too costricting for me, I began to study piano and drums by myself. The latter has been a boundless love and has thus become my main instrument in live performances.

After attending many university courses in vain, I decided to focus all my efforts on the study of what is behind the music, from composition to harmony, and then to study the sound and its elaboration.

I graduated from Saint Louis College of Music in 2010 and became a full-fledged Sound Engineer and MIDI Programmer.

After having made a lot of hard work in live music during festivals and concerts in Rome, I have landed in the world of radio broadcasting, in which I am still employed as a post-production technician and audio director.

With the arrival in Roma Radio I specialized in both post-production audio podcast, that music associated with images, as sound designer and mixing technician.

Over the years I have developed many productions in my home studio, both as a composer and as a recording and mixing engineer.

I am here to introduce myself and be able to help with all the experience I have accumulated in these years of work as arranger, composer, sound engineer and audio post-production engineer.

In the sections of this site you can find the various works that I have done in these years and for any information about the request for services you can contact me without obligation in the section Contacts.

Sound is like our brother and we have to treat him with the respect and care he deserves.


Feel free to contact me for any information. I’ll be glad to answer as soon as I can.